A Natural, Magical, Creative, Crafty, Art-Filled World

March 25, 2020 :: Due to the current health situation, orders/shipping may be delayed up to 30-days. I apologize for this inconvenience, but thank you for your patience & understanding at this time. Stay safe & healthy!

BlueBellaDonna {Shoppe} is an eclectic mix of visual art, jewelry designs, fragrance alchemy, herbal apothecary goodies, and print-on-demand products.

All my products are designed, created, and/or crafted by hand with TLC (tender loving care) ---- Certain products are created & crafted with pure, organic, and natural ingredients; some products are made upon ordering (see each individual listing for details); and specific products are made using one of my partner manufacturers (print-on-demand items - see individual listings for details). All fragrances, and bath-beauty-body products, are tested on friends & family, never on animals.

I work out of my home-based studio, and although I store all my items in my studio-space, away from family pets, I do share my home with animal friends. Please keep this in mind if you have canine and/or feline allergies. My home/studio is smoke free. Certain supplies and finished products are kept in sealed storage and dark environments to protect & extend life of items.

A portion of all proceeds from the sale of my products helps pay for the food, shelter, and medical care for rescued cats and wildlife critters.

>> The shop >> If my shop were a brick & mortar building, walking through the door would bring you into a cross between a Victorian era art & apothecary shop and a Medieval woods-witch cottage.

My shop would have a natural wood & exposed brick interior. There would be coverings of lace & velvet throughout; with an occasional crystal bead hanging in select spaces. Glitter would sparkle from every corner. Fresh flowers & herbs, and lots of green plants would abound the small, but spacious two room building. Customers would find me talking to botanicals, singing to my furry friends, and collaborating with spirits.

All customers would receive a delightful greeting from the shop's large & loving wolfdogs, the mesmerizing kitties, and the friendly & curious "house" ghosts. A deliciously fragrant & tastefully pleasing cup of herbal tea would be offered to each & every customer. Music would be playing in the background, inviting your senses & soul to dance. If you listened very carefully, you might even hear an elf humming a delightful tune.

The shop would be filled with whimsical & altered art works; soft, romantic floral photographs; colorful fine-art photo prints; heavenly scented & incredibly healing herbal body, bath, and beauty products; pretty feminine jewelry; lacey & flowery home decor; shabby chic & Bohemian designed products, and magical treasures of potions, amulets, and nature infused "goodies".

My shop would be comforting, relaxing, and a delightful escape from this everyday modern world.

When you browse my online shop, take a moment to imagine what a wonderful, creative, enchanting world you entered....

>> Me >> From a very young age I could be found | drawing & painting • photographing nature • writing poetry & stories • experimenting with herbals/botanicals • rooting through old costume jewelry • crafting lacey things • singing & dancing • playing in rain puddles • chatting with trees & wildlife • being obsessed with the paranormal/supernatural • learning culinary skills from my Grandmother

Today, I'm a | mom • gramama • furkid mom • wife | visual artist • jewelry designer • fragrance alchemist • folk herbalist • writer | enchanter • dreamer • bohemian • moonlight dancer • forest & ocean addict • nature & animal lover • wine & chocolate devotee • roadtrip enthusiast • paranormal/supernatural buff • a purveyor of pretty & feminine items, and dark & mysterious items | small business owner {BlueBellaDonna}

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or special requests. Thanks for visiting, and be sure to tell a friend (or two).


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